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With Offices in Mwongeti, Kisii County, Kenya

Community based organizations (CBO's) are nonprofit groups that work at a local level to improve life for residents. The focus is to build equality across society in all streams - health care, environment, quality of education, access to technology, access to spaces and information for the disabled, to name but a few.

Community Based Organizations (CBO) are commonly defined as all such organizations, institutions or congregations of people, which have local area/ village-based presence, maturity and structural arrangements. These are owned and managed by members. They are formal, legal entity or informal registered organizations maintaining separate books of accounts, systems & ways of working. They have group identity- membership and are also referred to a Self-Help Groups (SHG). They act at the grass-root level and are formed by common interest groups to solve issues within their community or village.

Financial Benefits

Under the PBO Act 2013 Second Schedule, other financial benefits that NGOs are entitled to include: • Provision of direct government financing for public benefit organizations that partner with the government, via budget subsidies, grants for specific purposes, and contracts to perform certain work

Sources of Information

For information on registration and regulations: log on to or write to





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