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Dennis & Vonnie Bergquist

As professionals with a desire to make a difference globally, Dennis and Vonnie Bergquist established the Bergquist Foundation. 


Mr. Bergquist has directed educational assignments to 52 countries around the world. Along the way he has been instrumental in meeting the humanitarian needs of some of those with whom he has come in contact. Bergquist says, "This is just another way of teaching someone how to fish instead of providing handouts to those unwilling to help themselves." 


Mr. Bergquist's programs have been effective and appreciated, earning him continuing invitations to return where he has ministered before and to other countries where his reputation has preceded his opportunity to visit. 


Vonnie is an exemplary woman. She's a great domestic engineer and custom card designer. Vonnie mentors young moms and served as a day-surgery volunteer. She has been mom to many of the young international trainees she has escorted in the 14-18 day programs.


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