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Rotary Involvement

Rotary International grants have equipped schools with student desks, teacher desks, shelving, textbooks and sewing machines. They also remodeled and equipped a clinic lab and a pharmacy. In the future, Rotary is preparing funding for a borehole well to the village with Water 4 the World.


The Future with Rotary International

Working with Water 4 the World to obtain matching grants from Rotary International to provide water to the EmEsa Sub-Location, Kenyenya Division in Kisii County. The goal is to drill a well with water treatment (solar powered) for 6,000 villagers.

Water 4 the World

Every cloud has a silver lining in the skies above Kenya. A well drilled for the primary School, will provide a constant safe water supply to students and the village. Children and their families have to make a three-hour journey, round-trip to collect water from a river that is not only dirty, but also inhabited by animals in the rainy season. When a new well is drilled, they will no longer have to make that journey, which means they are able to spend all day at school.


One of the students, told us they use dirty water. They collect water before school and bring water with them and there is never enough. Many times they have had to miss school.


Teachers say, “with clean water, students will have more time to study and they can have clean toilets and classrooms." A hygiene teacher commented,"the water will be like a miracle for us – the children and the village can have a clean environment to live in."


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