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Volunteers are needed to assist the present medical staff at the village clinic. Anessa Hoffmann, a  physician’s assistant from Minnesota, USA, volunteered and assisted with the needs of patients. Contact the foundation or Health Access Worldwide, Inc. (HAWI) to extend a medical mission to provide medical services as a doctor, a nurse or caregiver in the Mwongeti village clinic. There are also opportunities to volunteer at the Guatemala school as an English Second Language (ESL) instructor.

Raise Awareness

There are several opportunities to help with the medical needs of the village efforts that can make a difference. From stateside, there are opportunities to help with the funding for medical equipment, staff, and medical supplies. We also have Crutches 4 Africa. This is an opportunity in which crutches are collected in the United States.  They are shipped to Colorado where they are put into containers and delivered to the people in the villages of Africa that have been affected by polio. The polio patients are paralyzed and not able to have proper mobility.  They are often seen crawling on the ground.

Rotary Involvement

Rotary has equipped schools with student desks, teacher desks, shelving, textbooks, and sewing machines. They also remodeled and equipped a clinic lab and a pharmacy. In the future, Rotary is bringing a borehole well to the village with Water for the World.

Healthcare Access Worldwide, Inc.

Mission: Making healthcare accessible in the undeserved communities...worldwide. The Bergquist Foundation is partnering with HAWI to extend medical service in the village and bring volunteer medical professionals to assist the Mwongeti village. Medical clinic staff are providing medical services to the village.

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Anessa Hoffmann - visiting Physician's Assistant


Crutches 4 Africa


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