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Kenyan School Children


Who We Are

The Bergquist Foundation was established in 1997 to give others the opportunity to donate to worthy projects supporting those less fortunate.


Our team is made up of individuals with a passion to make a difference globally. We provide funding to see that young people are educated by providing tuition education facilities and equipping the schools with the necessary equipment. We have also provided homes and water harvesting capabilities for mothers in the village.





How it Started

The Bergquist Foundation was established because of a passion to help Martha, a Kenyan widow mother of a two and four year old, living on $35 per month. Four words changed her life and ours: “Do you have family?”.


What Sets Us Apart

What makes the foundation different is the projects of need are personal to the foundation director who is in touch with and has evaluated the need for each of the projects that have been funded through the Bergquist Foundation.


The foundation stands out for making a commitment to projects impacting citizens working and studying to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

Our Story
What We Do


Alex & Edwin's Dream


Built a latrine, library and classrooms for the school. Rotary International built the school.

The Mill / Sewing Center

The mill was funded by Food for Kids. Mothers were walking 2 hours with maize on their head & a baby on their back to mill their maize.  This process took 5 hours out of their day. Sewing machines were provided by mothers from the USA to be used to repair school uniforms and allow the village mothers to generate income for their families.

How You Can Help


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"The students will be very happy when they return. The latrine is surly a gift to the needy."

Edwin Mose, Director of St John's

"This foundation does amazing work. Proud to know the Bergquist family and the passion and heart they have."

"You are like a father to our students. We thank the foundation for caring and providing a middle school so students can have a better education."

Juan Francisco, Director of Instituto 

I have personally visited and witnessed the work being done by the Bergquist Foundation in Kenya. I met with the very capable field staff volunteering to provide administration of the projects. The foundation completes the tasks they set out to accomplish in a timely manner with a minimum of overhead costs, which makes us as donors very happy.

A great organization with a great vision!

John Neisen - Food 4 Kidz Donor

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